Interpreting the EBP viewer maps and graphs

The following instructions have been written in order to help adequately interpret the different maps and graphs shown in the EBP viewer.

Design of the new database repository and data-flow

This document describes the design of the new EBP database repository and associate data-flow system.

Bird Census News paper about the new version of the EBP viewer

This article describes the main improvements and functionalities of the new version of the EBP viewer.

Bird Census News paper about the EBP

This article describes the project organization and background, its main goals and its role in the framework of the European Bird Census Council.

New EBP data sharing standard

This document describes the new EBP data standard and points out the main differences with the previous one (see Action A3). Note, that the final technical documentation will only be available once the definition of the data flow standard and database repository infrastructure is completed (Action A4).