The second phase of implementation of the automatic data flow has started

To automate the data flow between the different local online portals and the central EBP database repository is one of the key tasks to be done in the framework of the LIFE EBP project. 

A JSON schema and API solution has been developed to encode and transfer the data and already applied to connect two of the more widespread online systems within the EBP partnership (BirdTrack and Ornitho), which provide c.60% of all the project data. 

Now, the second phase of the implementation of the automated data flow has started, aiming at connecting a further 10 online systems or, at least, the equivalent of more than 80% of all data collected by the EBP partnership.

At the local online system side, there are various tasks that have to be conducted:

1. Preparation work

  • Data aggregation (10x10 for casual data).
  • Unique id’s generation.
  • Create methods to handle updates and removals.
  • Map the species codes.
  • Map the breeding evidence codes.

2. Basic data provision testing

  • Implement Oaut2 client to access to the API.
  • Start with simple data provisions in Test Mode (T).
  • Determine protocol data and define protcols.

3. Standard data flow integration

  • Create Standard Mode (S) data provisions with real data.
  • Create cronjobs or equivalent to send data as periodic tasks.
  • Test removals and past modifications.

4. Data flow with standard

  • Send old data in Bulk Mode (B) in chunks. (optimal provision size should be determined).

Complete instructions, with a detailed API documentation and specifications as well as a specific website have been prepared to facilitate the work of the partners. Moreover a test submission mode has been developed so that partners can try the connectivity before submitting real data. 

Meeting  with the colleagues from ArtDatabanken regarding the automated connectivity between Artportalen and the EBP central database repository

A specific website have been prepared to facilitate the work of the partners

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