SmartBirds improves its website and app to promote the collecting of complete lists

The previous version of the SmartBirds Pro mobile app enabled data collection through the method of complete lists for a defined territory. Nevertheless, the majority of the users in Bulgaria were not familiar with the complete lists concept nor with its importance for more solid analyses of the data. To overcome this, during 2018 BSPB undertook the following actions: 

Technical improvements in the data collection web portal and functionalities of the mobile app SmartBirds Pro:

  • Improvement of the statistics preview for the collected biological information at the web portal – better visualization so that every single user can see his/her list of species per area, time slot, trip etc. in his profile.
  • Integration of the statistics into the mobile app – the above options will be available on mobile app as well.
  • Adding of spatial search (selection) of geographical coordinates (or point selection directly from the map) and buffer around the selected point – all users can see lists of species in selected buffer/region (their own lists of observations or shared data of other users).
  • Build of “Heat map” representing the distribution of protected species based on the list of observations in the web portal. 

Awareness campaign directed to promote the collection of complete lists among key user audiences:

  • Four presentations in front of the main mobile app users: researchers at the National History Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Research, Universities, nature conservation NGOs and most active volunteers.
  • Promotion of the importance for collecting complete lists for a defined territory at the BSPB main web page and social media channels.

A contribution by: Svetoslav Spasov (BSPB)

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