Promotion of complete lists in Poland

In May 2018, The Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP) co-organized the 10th Big Day in Poland. This annual competition of birdwatchers is about finding and seeing as many bird species as possible in one day. Thanks to the support of the LIFE EBP project the 10th Big Day was enriched with a new ranking regarding the collection of data in complete lists

At the start of the 24-hour challenge there were 122 birdwatchers (32 teams) that struggled with tiredness, insects and heat - all to see as many species of birds as possible.

All species detected were submitted to portal or NaturaList app. The winner team recorded 165 species, which is probably the Poland record. 14 teams with 50 observers in total decided to collect data in complete lists. In total they submitted 91 lists with 187 bird species. 

This year Poland is collecting 35% more complete lists than the previous one and 2,6 times more than in 2010. A great step foward in terms of data quality!

Distribution of records collected during the 10th Big Day in Poland in May 2018

A contribution by: Tomasz Chodkiewicz (OTOP)

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